Monday, February 23, 2009

A New Medium

My birthday was yesterday, and my children decided, in their infinite wisdom, that it was about time I tried something new. My gift was a small set of acrylic inks in delicious colours! They hadn't found any blues, kind of important, so I was told to get myself some more and they'd pay. I found a great deal and ended up buying six more colours and also some Atelier Interactive acrylics - heck, if I have to learn a new media I might as well throw myself into it!

It's kind of scary starting out with a totally alien material - learning what it will and won't do, how it differs from watercolour, but it's scary in a good way! Watercolours will always be my passion but it'll do me good to play with the bright acrylic colours too.

A short session with my new paints/inks shows how exciting they are going to be! This was a very quick sketch with no real planning but I kinda like it!


deborah kirby said...

Ruth, you are going to conquer this new frontier in no time. For just out of the gate your painting is wonderful. Aren't acrylic inks so brilliant in color and yet still transparent. Gorgeous stuff. debk

Ann Buckner said...

Your passion for flowers and color shines in this one Ruth

laura said...

Happy Birthday! What a nice present. I love this painting--the yellows and oranges are just beautiful, and you've set them off masterfully with the blues and purples. Stunning!

Ruth S Harris said...

Deb, they're interesting for sure, I have more colours now and have been trying them in their more dilute form, they can be delicate too!

Thanks Ann!

Thanks so much Laura, I really need to try to work quickly more often instead of getting bogged down in details, concentrating on colours - the results are exciting!