Sunday, March 30, 2008

Taking Flight

This is a painting I've been mulling over for nearly three years, ever since a wonderful walk along a beach in Devon. The previous day had been stormy, the seas were rough, and the evidence was there on the sandy beach - huge clumps of seaweed washed up by the waves, and making the most of what
must have been a feast were flocks of black headed gulls (in winter plumage of white and grey with a dark spot on their heads rather then the summer plumage with a black cap). As we walked along the shoreline the gulls took off, then returned when we had passed by.

A large painting, 21 x 14 inches on Fabriano Artistico extra white rough paper. I used a collection of reference images taken that day to arrange the gulls for a pleasing composition. I'm satisfield with how it's turned out.
©Ruth S Harris 2008

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, a very modernist composition. Having the gulls and sea at the same hues and tones means that, for me, more gulls appear the longer I look at it.

It keeps me thinking.