Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dreaming of Spring

This has been the longest winter ever, or at least it feels that way!  We seemed to jump from spring last year straight to autumn and winter, no summer at all, which is incredibly depressing.  Now it's February and thoughts turn again to spring and daffodils.

Dreaming of Spring - watercolour, 11" x 15"

©Ruth S Harris

Dreaming of Spring - detail©Ruth S Harris

This painting is currently available to buy from my shop


Studio at the Farm said...

Your daffodils really are the epitome of Spring - beautiful! I hope you have a lovely summer this year.

Anonymous said...

girl, I am just loving your daffodils. Makes me want to try some. I painted a big california poppy late last night and it is fun and bright.

Anonymous said...

You are a master of flower painting. I would love to be able to paint flowers with the vibrancy and light that you achieve.

Ruth S Harris said...

Thank you Studio at the Farm, I hope so too! I rely on nice weather for my painting subjects!

Newmexicomtngirl, daffodils are fun, you should have a go! Poppies are my other favourites, I'll watch your blog to see yours!

Thanks so much Jean, it comes with practice and observation.

Lorraine Brown said...

Such wonderful light and your daffodils portrayed so beautifully

Laura Leeder said...

These are lovely Ruth! I too am anxiously awaiting spring, along with the sun.