Wednesday, February 09, 2011

KISS...... and this blog in top 50 list!

Keep It Simple, Stupid - what I had in mind for this painting.  I had a very busy reference, a mass of purple coneflowers, it could have been extremely complicated.  I chose to isolate a single flower, keeping the background very simple (in theory), and using complementary colours.

Centre of Attention
watercolour on hot press Fab. Artistico
10" x 14"

My selection of hot pressed paper was, on reflection, a mistake as it made it far more difficult to get a smooth background.  There are a few hard edges but it didn't turn out too badly.  The trick is to use lots of water, wetting the whole of the area before adding strong pigment and letting it mingle.
A nice surprise this morning as I learned that this blog was included in a new article about the top 50 watercolour blogs!  I'm at #40, and I'm thrilled to see that I'm in some very good company!


Sadami said...

Dear Ruth,
Beautiful work. and..
Yey!Congratulations!! Hip, hip, hurray, hurray, Ruth~~~!!
All the best, Sadami

AtelierBrigitte said...

Your work is always lovely.

Elza said...

Oh, wow, that is wonderful but I don't think you should be surprised because your work really is wonderful. Perhaps your surprise was more because it was the single KISS flower on the smooth paper. Life is full of surprises, thank goodness.