Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm running a giveaway on my facebook "fan" page and thought my blog followers would like a chance to take part too!

One lucky winner will get to choose three greeting cards from this group:

To enter, you need to be a facebook member (so you are able to comment) and simply leave a comment on  this image (you might have to "like" my page first).  I'll be selecting the winner using a random number generator, and the draw takes place on Friday 18th February.  I hope to see some of you over there!


Cynthia Schelzig said...

These are wonderful cards....I am not a member of Facebook and never will be so I guess I am out of luck but I am a follower her on your blog and admire your work tremendously and hopefully some luck winner will frame these little beauties the way I would and hang them on their "Art Wall for all to see and admire.

Anonymous said...

how fun, and your work is beautiful. found you thru the 50 great watercolor blogs.
peace n abundance,

Ruth S Harris said...

Thank you Cynthia, I'm sorry you couldn't take part this time, I promise to do another giveaway through this blog soon so you have a chance!

Cheyanne, it's nice to hear from a new follower, thank you!