Friday, March 13, 2009

What is Watercolour?

Katherine Tyrell has an in-depth article about this often divisive question on her blog, Making a Mark today - it's well worth reading!

For me, watercolour is just that - watercolour paint (as labelled on the tube or pan), activated with water and painted on paper. Anything else should be labelled as watermedia. If, once dried, paint cannot be re-activated with water it isn't watercolour. I think it would be a terrible shame if the traditional media of watercolour, used by so many of our great artists in the past, was lost in a sea of watered down acrylics!


Billie Crain said...

I was amazed by the rules of watercolor societies that Katherine posted. I had always thought watercolor was watercolor...period. For competitions, I had believed it had to be 100% watercolor or it wasn't eligible.

Ruth S Harris said...

Billie it is amazing, I'm not against the different media but I'd like to see clear labelling so at least people know what they're looking at!

Ann Buckner said...

Ruth, if you will visit my blog you will see a surprise, just for you! :) I hope you find it a pleasant one!