Thursday, September 20, 2012

Irises update

Is it really 3 months since I posted here?  I owe you all a huge update!

Although it has been a long time the irises haven't progressed much.... this is as far as I got before other things drew my attention.

It's still waiting for me to paint the last iris on the right.... one day!

Over the coming days I'll share what else I've been up to over summer.


Anonymous said...

I think it was one of those kinds of summers for a lot of people this year Ruth. It has been for me too. Will be marvelous whenever it gets done I'm sure. Enjoy whats left of the summertime. I know I am.
peace n abundance,


Magnifica pintura. Saludos

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Oh don't worry dear. blogging should be a fun activity so do it when you want to, although it is also essential to keep the followers engaged and entertained. But don't stress too much.