Thursday, November 03, 2011

Sun Sisters

I'm back!  September and October were crazy, with Adult kids coming and going and a solo exhibition to organise, but things have calmed down somewhat now thankfully!

Sun Sisters
15" x 11", watercolour on 140lb Artistico paper

This was the last painting I completed before the exhibition, in between mount cutting and framing the other 20+ watercolours.  I painted it from life very quickly and love how it turned out.  I'm really enjoying working from life now after years of being afraid of it!


Ann Buckner said...

Beautiful painting, Ruth. Sure like that sunny look on this rainy day.

Studio at the Farm said...

They're so lovely and bright. Good for you for taking the leap to painting from life.

Maria Emilia Moreira said...

Lindo! Lindo!Umas aguarelas fantásticas!

Diana said...

Ruth this is gorgeous, it looks like sunshine and free spirit. lovely, Diana

Diane Klock said...

Ruth, I just found your site. Fabulous watercolor full of such joy and sunshine. Love it !