Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I can't resist standing flowers in the window on sunny days, the lighting effects can be magical.  This is one of those days - I had a bunch of pale yellow daffodils, you know the fancy kind that look nothing like daffs?  There were too many for the vase, I squeezed in as many as I could so the arrangement looked like a lollipop, and stood the vase in the window.

The lighting was wonderful!  Browsing my reference photos for something to paint last night, this one called out.  It's not at all my usual style but I thought I'd have a go, just a small one to see what I could do with it.  I'm happy, it's loose and clearly about the light.... success!

Daffs for Mum
7.25" x 7.5"


Sadami said...

Dear Ruth,
Congrats!!! It's beautiful, messenger of spring!
Cheers, Sadami

Judy said...

Beautiful painting! I had a bunch of daffodils like that in my window a while ago, but I couldn't paint them. Yours look great!

Helen Ström said...

Ohhh!! Beautiful light and graphic composition, simple and subtle, all in one. Really nice piece of art!!