Thursday, September 02, 2010

Another racing scene and an exhibition

I worked hard to get this watercolour completed in time for my joint exhibition with Janet Thomas at The Kington Gallery, which opened on Saturday and runs until late September. The time constraints seemed to do me good because I think this is one of my best!

I attended the opening day, which wasn't only an exhibition opening, it was also the opening of this unique new gallery, and was thrilled to make a "big" sale within the first hour! "In The Running" has gone to a new home with a lovely lady who I know will enjoy it - it's a wonderful feeling when that perfect match happens, the right painting for the right person.

The gallery itself is very special. For the last year, it has been a labour of love for Janet Thomas who bought a disused restaurant and set about turning it into a welcoming place for both artists and art lovers. It is going to be a massive asset for this small market town in rural Herefordshire!


Sadami said...

Dear Ruth,
Go, dash, Ruth, go! Go~~~!!!!
I sincerely hope the exhibition will get success.
Kind regards, Sadami

Diana said...

Beautiful job Ruth, you captured the movement and excitement beautifully, have a great exhibition, Take care, Diana

Anonymous said...

I am also passionate for is so nice to find your blog and all the other painters. I am brand new to bloggingbut have already been so impressed with all the ways to meet other artist. Love your blog!

Markun taideblogi said...

Erittäin onnistunut maalaus, pidän kovasti. Siinä on liikettä joka on hienosti saatu aikaan akvarellimaalaustekniikalla. Markku Mäkelä

Kay Smith said...

Wish I could be there for the exhibition with you and JT! I know you will both knock their socks off!