Thursday, April 22, 2010

Catch-up time!

I'm still busy painting, although I've also been spending time gardening with the weather perfect at the moment!

What have I done since the evening primrose? Well first were the ox-eye daisies, beautifully sunny and completely about summer! The challenge in this painting was in depicting the movement of the flowers in a gentle breeze.

Summer Breeze
15" x 11", watercolours on Fab. Artistico 140lb

Then Mollie Jones suggested I might enjoy painting hollyhocks, so I thought "why not?" and dug out a reference I photographed in the gardens of Hereford Cathedral a few years ago. I really enjoyed this one, especially the foliage towards the bottom. Choir Practice
11" x 15", watercolours on Fab. Artistico 140lb

And this one, painted between gardening sessions, is of cowslips which, unusually for me, are actually growing in my garden right now!

Spring Celebration
11" x 15", watercolours and acrylic ink on Fab. Artistico 140lb


cathyswatercolors said...

oh geez, just glorious. Lost and found edges so beautiful. I neeeeeed to paint. I have busy with my son's move. You inspire!

Laura Sanz Masdeu said...

beautiful works! very nice colors

Ingrid said...

Your paintings are beautiful ... fresh and full of light!

Ruth S Harris said...

Thank you so much Cathy! I hope you have found time to paint since you left this message.

Thanks Laura, I am addicted to colour!

Ingrid, thank you for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment!

AK said...

Everyone of your watercolours is amazing.

meera said...

I think you have captured movement, delicate features, colors and glorious beauty of every one of these flowers!!