Monday, March 01, 2010

Stargazer - backward WIP!

Blogger is fun, you never know which way round your photos are going to show! lol OK, so here is the finished painting, with backwards WIP below - start at the bottom and work up for the progression ;o)

I used my new favourite colours - Daniel Smith Quin. coral, and W&N Cobalt Turquoise. They mix gorgeous muted purples!


laura said...

Thanks you x 3: for the WIP series--it's fascinating (and creates the delusion in me that maybe I could do it too!); for the recommended colors (I also love W&N cob. turq., but haven't tried DS Q. coral); for this gorgeous painting of one of my favorite subjects: you pinks and purples sing!

shicat said...

In a word,breath taking.

Ruth S Harris said...

Laura, the quin. coral/cobalt turquoise mix is in the background, not in the flower itself. The flower has quin. coral and cobalt blue. Thank you for such a nice comment!

Thank you Shicat!